Ca5 – City EP

Ca5 – City EP

With Chip Bit Day 2019 finally over it’s good to get back into writing reviews, and this time we’re looking at ‘City EP’ by ‘Ca5’ (released via ESCTRAX).  ‘Ca5’ has been creating music since 2001, with their discography showing their music off across a wide variety of different labels and compilations. Recently ‘Ca5’ has been experimenting with FamiTracker and LSDJ, and segues fantastically into Ca5’s release, ‘City EP’ as it contains a great mixture of NES sounds.

Whilst all 3 of these tracks and full to the brim with style and skill, ‘Seaport’ really seems to strike a chord with me. This is mainly down to Seaport’s unique and relaxing style, which is fused together with chiptune and breakcore. We first begin, with rhythmic and eclectic melody and is something that takes form as the crux of ‘Seaport’. This is something that rarely changes its course throughout the song. Instead, the drums and enveloping chords take the forefront of progression in ‘Seaport’.

The breakcore within the percussion is constantly refreshing as the breaks and loops always give ‘Seaport’ a variety of new layers. The majority of the bass is quite absent and I expect that is down to the drums that take up much of the frequencies the bass would occupy. That is not to say it isn’t totally non-existent however, ‘Ca5’ manages to supply the bass line in the form of high frequencies from the NES bass. It’s very warm and fills the gaps any of the other instruments might’ve missed.

Whilst ‘Seaport’ is one of my favourites of Ca5’s ‘City EP’, I can’t knock the other two tracks off the album. They are both very unique in their sound and offer a different take on Ca5’s experimentations; with ‘Metro’ being hectic & lively and ‘Lightless’ being soulful & relaxing. This leaves us with ‘Seaport’ in the middle as the perfect medium, between the two others.

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