Deidream – Toai Boai

Deidream – Toai Boai

Getting back into the funk of things, I have a brand new review for the blog. This time we look into ‘Toai Boai’ by Belgium chiptune artist, ‘Deidream’. What makes ‘Deidream’ unique is the down to the amount of experimentation they go through. Throughout ‘Toai Boai’, a total of ‘seven’ instruments are used to achieve the style that ‘Deidream’ strives for, from the PO-12 Rhythm (drum machine) to the staple gameboy.

Whilst the majority of songs achieve this goal, I believe the track that is at the forefront of this is the opening track, ‘Toai Boai’ (incidentally what the album is named after). Interestingly this is the one of the few tracks that doesn’t use the game and instead ‘Deidream’ opts to use the PO-20 Arcade and PO-28 Robot as the both the brains of the melody.

The brings with a bright arp which spreads itself across the whole channel, but then suddenly stops, bringing into the PO-12 drum machine into the mix. From there we hear some fantastic percussion programmed into whilst chords and melodies are played expertly. One of the best things ‘Deidream’ shows is their use of the PO-28, which is capable of playing excellent solos. They flow fantastically and create such amazing sustain as well as atmosphere. From there we are then treated interesting melodies that retread familiar grounds, until just before the 5 minute mark, when ‘Dreidream’ abruptly slows the tempo of the track, before sending it into overdrive, to the realm of drum and bass. This is when things start to get real interesting with the familiar arpeggios played before, pushed faster than before.

‘Toai Boai’ is a great opening track to a very unique album and shows such as varied difference in its speed and structure.

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