Local T – Costal Breeze

Local T – Costal Breeze

Next up on my never-ending list of chiptune music to review is the album, ‘Costal Breeze’ from Local T A.K.A. UK chip legend, Henry Homesweet. For a long time now, ‘Henry Homesweet’ has been releasing various different projects under a variety of different names; from ‘TRUTHR’ to ’20AX’, each one shows off a very unique distinct style. For instance, ‘TRUTHR’ tends to utilise the soundchip of the c64 and gameboy, whereas ’20AX’ focuses on the NES synced up to the iconic TR-808 with midines. Both are utterly brilliant and show so much style and energy. In this case with ‘Costal Breeze’, the Sega Megadrive is used as well as a vast amount of other amazing machines.

Getting back to ‘Costal Breeze’, the pick track I’m going to be focussing on is opening song with the same name as the album. It opens up beautifully with a ‘clavesque’ melody which pairs fantastically with the drums. This ultimately serves as the hook of ‘Costal Breeze’ and a link between every structure throughout.

Past the ’30 second mark’ we then get a harmonious selection of chords produced by the ‘Sega Megadrive’. This melody on its own is beautiful as it really invokes the feeling of a gentle breeze across the coast of suffolk, where Henry Homesweet/ Local T is from. As ‘Costal Breeze’ gently floats past the ‘2:00’ mark, we then get a real wet tune, again sounding like it’s been produced by the Sega Megadrive. This acts as a great bridge between previous melodies and even weaves perfectly between them. Overall ‘Costal Breeze’ is a tremendous opening track and it’s no wonder why ‘HHS/Local T’ did this and even naming the album after it.

‘Costal Breeze’ was an amazing album from start to finish and resonated hugely with me. This is mainly down to spending much of my life living next to Morecambe bay in Cumbria. This allowed me to experience the tranquility that comes with ‘Costal Breeze’.

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