Tekmann – Lazer Cyborg Machine EP

Tekmann – Lazer Cyborg Machine EP

Here’s my first review of 2019 and it’s on Tekmann’s ‘Lazer Cyborg Machine EP’, officially released on new years day. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Tekmann’s style live back during Chip Bit Day 2018, and needless to say its something that shouldn’t be missed. Tekmann’s method towards chiptune is a curious one, but a direction that is well received by everyone. Creating all his hardware pretty much himself (including his suit), it allows Tekmann to have an amazing stage presence as well as produce fantastic music.

From this point let’s springboard into my favourite track. ‘Lazer Destroyer’ off ‘Lazer Cyborg Machine EP’ is a raunchy & raw song. Whilst ‘Lazer Destroyer’ was created on LSDJ, Tekmann pushes the song further by utilising pitch & oscillation from modded gameboy he created himself. This allows for the song to changed on the fly, giving way for unexpected results, rather than playing the same song twice.

A funky track that utilises the same sequence but with different results, ‘Lazer Destroyer’ is a brilliant song that really defines the sound Tekmann makes. If you find the chance to watch Tekmann play live, don’t pass it up!

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